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What is the performance and use of the dust-free cloth

The dust-free cloth is made of 100% polyester fiber. The surface is soft, easy to wipe sensitive surface, friction is not off fiber, and has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning and packaging of the product are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. Optional sealing of cloth is generally: cold cutting, laser edge sealing, ultrasonic sealing. Microfiber dust-free cloth is generally sealed with laser and ultrasonic; dust-free cloth, dust-free cloth, microfiber dust-free cloth, The microfiber wiper is made of 100% continuous polyester fiber. The surface of the fabric is soft and can be used to wipe sensitive surfaces. It has low dust production and no friction, and has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Especially suitable for dust-free purification workshops. The edges of dust-free cloth, dust-free cloth, micro-fiber dust-free cloth and micro-fiber cloth are edge-sealed by the most advanced edge trimming machine. After wiping, no particles and thread ends are left, and the decontamination ability is strong.

Clean cloth use:

Dust-free cloth is mainly used for wiping conductor production line chips, microprocessor assembly production lines, etc.; LCD liquid crystal display products and circuit board production lines; precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, etc.;

Use of dust-free wipes:

1. Semiconductor production line chip, microprocessor, etc.; 2. Semiconductor assembly production line; 3. Disc drive, composite material; 4. LCD display products; 5. Circuit board production line; 6. Precision instrument; 7. Optical product; Aviation industry; 9. PCB products; 10. Medical equipment; 11. Laboratory; 12. Clean room and production line.

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