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How to distinguish the material of the dust-free cloth?

Also known as Airlaid pulp nonwovens, it is a type of dry nonwoven fabric. Cobri's dust-free paper has unique physical properties, high elasticity, softness, hand feeling, excellent drape, high water absorption and good water retention. It is widely used in sanitary care products, special medical supplies. , industrial wipes and other fields. The two main characteristics of the dust-free paper can be seen from the English name: one is that the raw material is wood pulp fiber; the other is air-laid technology. The production process of nonwoven fabrics is mainly two processes of forming and reinforcing. Dry papermaking nonwovens are mainly produced by chemical bonding and thermal bonding. According to the different reinforcement processes, the raw materials and uses are different, which are introduced separately below. 1. Chemical bonding method The chemical bonding method uses 100% wood pulp fiber (fluff pulp) as a raw material, and the fiber which is opened into a single fiber state is sprayed into a net, and the water-soluble adhesive is sprayed onto the fiber web by spraying. The surface is then baked and reinforced to form a cloth. The main uses of the products are industrial wipes, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, tablecloths, wet wipes and cooking cloths. 2. Thermal bonding method The thermal bonding method is to mix hot melt fibers into the fluff pulp fibers, and the mixing ratio is generally not less than 15%. After the air is formed into a net, the low melting point fibers in the web are melted by hot air or hot rolling. Reinforce the web into a cloth. The thermal bonding nonwoven fabric is mainly used as an absorbent core for a highly absorbent sanitary product, a thin sanitary napkin, and the like because it does not contain a chemical binder and has a fluffy and hygroscopic property. Based on such use, some production lines are equipped with a high absorption resin (SAP) powder application device. Since the polymer water-absorbent resin is added, water can be turned into a solid after water absorption, which greatly improves the water absorption capacity. In summary, although the dust-free paper is called paper, it is essentially a nonwoven fabric.

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