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Related introduction to dust-free paper

1. Material composition: 55% cellulose (wood pulp) 45% polyester fiber
2. Non-woven hybrid structure, two-way high strength.
3. Good resistance to dissolution
4. Vacuum packaging inside and outside, double-layer packaging
5. Process quality control
6. Can withstand the role of autoclave
1. Excellent tensile strength under dry and wet conditions (polyester effect)
2. Excellent liquid absorption performance (wood pulp effect)
3. Excellent resistance to dissolution
4. No chemical additives
5. Low dust generation (not easy to fluff, chip off)
1. Designed for general clean environment use (low cost).
2. Suitable for high liquid absorption, low dust generation requirements
3. Can handle the liquid splash pollution in the clean room well.
4. Suitable for wiping precision parts or clean room equipment
Applicable working environment:
1, clean room
2, laboratory, research room
3, factory
Applicable industry:
1, integrated circuit board
2, LCD panel manufacturing
3, precision instrument manufacturing
4, tape, disc manufacturing
5, optical (lens, glass)

Specifications: 9 * 9 inches 300 pieces / bag 10 bags / box

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