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High-quality properties of microfiber nonwovens

Microfiber nonwoven fabric is a new technology and new product developed in recent years. Microfiber is a chemical fiber with extremely fine monofilament denier. There is no standard definition of filaments in the world, but fibers with a monofilament denier of less than 0.3 dtex are often referred to as microfibers. The microfiber nonwoven fabric has the following excellent characteristics:
(1) The texture is thin, the hand feels soft and comfortable, and the drape is good.
(2) The diameter of the single fiber is reduced, the specific surface area is increased, the adsorption is increased, and the decontamination is increased.
(3) There are many fiber roots per unit area, high fabric density, good thermal insulation performance, waterproof and breathable.
Microfiber products are popular in the international market for their unique properties. For example, Clarino made of microfiber nonwovens and Eesaine made of toray have opened up a new era of microfiber nonwoven applications.
At present, the ultrafine fibers used for the production of non-woven fabrics mainly include separated composite fibers, sea-island composite fibers and direct-spun fibers. Its processing method basically has
(1) After the split type or island composite fiber forms a network, the ultrafine fiber is made by splitting or dissolving
(2) direct spinning by flash evaporation;
(3) Melt-spraying method into a net.

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