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How to use the dish cloth correctly?

1. Prepare some dish cloths. Many household kitchen dishwashing cloths are very few. It is best to prepare some dishwashing cloths. These dishwashing cloths must be divided into categories and special cloths. When washing the dishes, use a piece of cloth. When using a piece of cloth when rubbing the kitchen countertop, use another piece of cloth when rubbing other places. This is more healthy when using the dish cloth.
2. Change the dish cloth regularly. After many families buy a dish cloth, a dish cloth can be used for several years, so it is very incorrect to use the dish cloth for a long time. Since dishwashing cloths are mostly moist and easy to come into contact with food residues, dishwashing cloths are particularly prone to bacteria. For the average family, it is necessary to change the dish cloth in almost three months, so that it is healthy to use.
Dry the dish cloth. After many people wash the bowl with the dish cloth, it is more customary to put the dish cloth directly on the kitchen countertop. This habit is very bad. After the dish cloth is used, it must be placed in the air. The place is aired so that bacteria can be avoided because the dish cloth is too moist.

3.Disinfect regularly. If the dish cloth is used for a long time, the dish cloth must be disinfected regularly. There are many ways to disinfect it. The most common method is to wash the dish cloth with boiling water. According to this method of disinfection, most of the bacteria can be eliminated.

4.Wash your hands before using the dish cloth. Before using the dish cloth, be sure to wash your hands. Because the hands touch most of the things, there are a lot of bacteria on your hands. If you use your hands to grab the dish cloth at this time, it will cause two to the dish cloth. Secondary pollution, these secondary pollution of the dish cloth, to wash dishes or to wipe the tableware, it may lead to illness from the mouth.

5.Use a suitable dish cloth. When cleaning the kitchen, be sure to choose the right dish cloth. Generally speaking, you can buy the chemical fiber washing cloth directly. This kind of dish cloth is not easy to get food residue, and the bacteria are not easy to breed. However, this kind of cleaning cloth is a little difficult to wash, so it must be done with great effort. To carry out cleaning.

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