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How to choose the right dust-free cloth?

1. Identify the requirements for clean objects and cleanliness:

The so-called clean object needs to determine what we mainly remove? Is it a general grease fingerprint, or some residual glue? Or is it generally easy to remove the dust? Is there a high temperature on the cleaned surface? How is the hardness of the cleaned surface? What are the requirements? How high is the cleanliness that need to be achieved? Is there a requirement for silicone-based contaminants? Is it sensitive to contaminating ions?

2. Determine compatibility with the solvent used

The dust-free cloth materials are all polymer materials. We must use organic solvents for cleaning during the cleaning process. However, we must pay attention to the problem. To what extent can our materials endure our organic Solvent? How much solubility does our wiping material itself have in the solvent? This is the problem of the solubility parameter of the polymer material. It is recommended to check the solubility parameter and wipe the cloth when selecting a better wiping cloth. The closer the solubility parameter is to the solubility parameter of the solvent, the easier the wipe is dissolved by the solvent.

3. Determine the type of dust-free material to choose.

Because dust-free wipes are extremely versatile, determine the advantages and disadvantages of various wipe-free materials before choosing a wipe:

For how to choose a dust-free wipe, we can determine the type of dust-free wipe we need according to our actual needs. If the main purpose is to remove grease or fingerprints, polyester/polyamide composite microfiber dust-free wipes are suitable, because such dust-free wipes wipe more contact with the surface, and the wiping effect is higher than that of ordinary ordinary fibers. It is to remove the residual glue which is tightly adhered to the surface. It is more suitable to use a woven type dust-free wipe. If the surface temperature is relatively high, a 100% wood pulp or 100% cotton dust-free wipe is suitable. If silicone is required, the dust-free wipe is required to contain no silicone. If the dust is wiped and the residual glue volume is relatively large, it is suitable to use a dust-free wiping cloth with a relatively large aperture. In the question of how to choose a dust-free wipe, the higher the cleanliness of the surface, the more we look for a clean, dust-free wipe.

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