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Which industries can be used for clean cloth

In many places, dust-free cloth and dust-free cloth are used, which gives people a lot of benefits. Dust-free cloth will use dust-free cloth in many places. What role does the dust-free cloth play? Where does it apply? This product is widely used in semiconductor, computer manufacturing, communications industry, integrated circuits, microelectronics, LCD liquid crystal displays and other high-tech fields, display products, circuit board production lines, precision instruments, optical products, and other methods of heat sealing. Or four-sided fringe edge seals provide better edge protection. Dust-free cloth product features: excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function, can be sealed with two sides of the edge, the ion release is low, it is not easy to cause chemical reaction!

As a kind of non-woven fabric, the clean cloth manufacturer has different processing methods. Due to the variety of forms of fibers in the nonwoven fabric, the application of the non-woven fabric in different industries is dust-free. Cloth is a representative product. The nonwoven fabric has basically the following forms of existence in a nonwoven fabric such as a dust-free cloth. In most of the bonded nonwoven fabric, the web-type stitch-bonded nonwoven fabric, the needle-punched nonwoven fabric, the spunlaid nonwoven fabric, and the wet-laid nonwoven fabric, the fibers are formed in a network form. The main structure of the woven fabric accounts for about 50% to 100%.

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