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The use and advantages and disadvantages of rags

Semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, etc.;
Semiconductor assembly line;
Disk drive, composite material;
LCD display products;
Circuit board production line;
precision instrument;
Optical product
aviation industry;
PCB product;
Medical equipment;
Clean room and production line.

The use of rotten rags:

Shoe-shining, padding on the kitchen floor, rubbing the floor

Wipe use: for water-absorbing mop, car rag, household rag

Wipe the dishes, wipe the furniture, wipe the electrical appliances, and tear them into a rope.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Pure cotton: Health and epidemic experts say that cotton feels good, but it is easy to swell after water absorption. If it is not wrung out in time after washing, the cotton cleaning cloth is easy to breed bacteria and becomes slimy. In addition, after the cotton cleaning cloth has been used for a long time, it is easy to become brittle and hard, and the effect is greatly reduced.
Fibers: The hydrophilicity, oil repellency, and water absorption of plant fibers are weaker than wood fiber dishwashing cloth, but the price of wood fiber will be higher.
Chemical fiber: Although chemical fiber cleaning cloth is difficult to wash, it has high stability and is not easy to breed bacteria. Nowadays, many car washes also use this chemical fiber cleaning cloth, which works well.

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