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The meaning of multi-purpose wipes

1/Multipurpose wipes are wipes for industrial wiping applications in the industrial field, which replace the original industrial use towels.
2/ Multi-purpose wipes are mainly used in PCB and SMT industries, or OEMs and other customers.
3/ Multi-purpose wiper performance characteristics: excellent adsorption force, strong oil absorption, softness, not easy to reduce shavings, strong tear resistance, clean and hygienic, quality, dimensional stability, no need to cut, control cost is limited, limited Use multiple times to save money
4/Multi-purpose wipes Scope of application: Conventional cleaning requirements, oil, liquid and some particulate matter wipe, can be used with some solvents.
5/Multi-purpose wipes application areas: automotive processing, electronics, machining, spraying, glass, molds, precision instrument surface cleaning, laboratory, screen printing, food and pharmaceutical production equipment cleaning and other wiping.

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