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Non-woven wipes related introduction

A wiping product having water absorption and oil absorption capability formed by puncture of a wood pulp and a PP fiber through a high-pressure water stream. The high-pressure water stream cleans the cloth itself, and it is not easy to lose the dander during use. PP fibers give the cloth durability and tensile strength. The wood pulp fiber maintains water absorption and oil absorption properties, and is soft to the touch and can wipe the soft and smooth surface.

Product Features

Material: viscose fiber + polypropylene fiber

Strong oil absorption and water absorption, good decontamination

High dry and wet strength

Not easy to fade

Easy to chip off, suitable for environments with cleanliness requirements

Easy to leave traces after wiping, suitable for smooth surfaces

Air knife cutting process, trimming

Scope of application:

In the coating industry, the powder is cleaned before and after painting and the whole product is cleaned.

Locomotive and rolling stock manufacturing, applied to the front and rear of the transmission rotating system

Glass manufacturing industry, wiping glass clean and bright

Equipment cleaning in the food industry and daily high purity requirements

Printing and printing industries such as screen printing, used to wipe screen printing inks and pastes, etc.

High-gloss finish products such as electroplated coatings

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