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Cleaning cloth is more common

1. Multi-purpose cleaning cloth: It is more common to use cleaning cloth. It has various sizes, with and without fingers, and can be used in various places in the home;

2, special cleaning cloth: special cleaning cloth is a thick and soft cleaning cloth that is very comfortable to use, suitable for cleaning oil-discharged appliances such as ventilation fans;

3, kitchen cleaning cloth: specifically for the cleaning of the kitchen, can effectively remove bacteria;

4, micro sponge cleaning cloth: made of rag and mesh surface, water absorption and wear, a wide range of uses.

1. Wipe with a dry cleaning cloth. For dust, water stains, etc., just wipe with a dry cleaning cloth. When you encounter a hard-to-scratch stain, you can spray some vinegar first, which will be easy to remove. This method is suitable for indoor lighting fixtures for windows, wood or leather furniture;

2. Wipe clean with a cloth. For rust, black stains, oil stains, etc., wipe with a damp cloth and wipe it very effectively, then wipe it with a dry cloth to make it cleaner. This method is suitable for stains around the sink and faucet, around the washstand, handles for door handles, screens, and sliding doors;

3, dipped in soapy water. For example, if it is difficult to wipe off, we will wipe the cleaning cloth with a little soapy water. This method is suitable for oil stains on kitchen walls, cabinets, etc., kitchen appliances, indoor lighting fixtures;

4. Glove cleaning cloth and sponge cleaning cloth. A glove-type cleaning cloth is convenient for wiping dust in the corners. If the tableware is not very dirty, just wipe it with a sponge and do not use detergent. This method is suitable for water stains in tableware, baths, blinds, etc.

The cleaning cloth is “mixed” in the dirt. Therefore, we must maintain it after normal use before it can be used again.

1. Do not use alkaline bleach when cleaning the cleaning cloth;

2, cleaned cleaning cloth must be aired in a ventilated place (preferably with sunlight) to dry, can only be used again after drying.

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